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wow for all you to sit there and complain about Homeq is pretty self worthy.. I have had Homeq for 30 years for all 4 homes with them..and I have never had a problem.

Reps were all very helpful. For you people blaming Homeq for your own mistakes you need to reevaluate yourselves..

You are the ones who did not read the docs at closing and agreed to be on ADJUSTABLE RATE.. INFLATED YOUR INCOME TO QUALIFY FOR THE know who I am talking about to reality you cant afford the home get out of it Homeq is not going to make your payments for you..

Take your own responsibility and stop blaming other people for them.. Keep up the good work HOMEQ for these subprime people who crashed our market for ones that do PAY their mortgage.

You guys are doing a great job and following all the guidelines.. Its not your fault these people do not have it together and know their rate is going to adjust.

Review about: Great Company.


Carolina, Carolina, Puerto Rico #17935

"servicers such as Homeq are going to bleed them dry before working with them-"

As a servicer it is absolutely not their responsibility to just wait until the mortgagor is good and ready to make a payment. People think that the economy is only affecting the mortgagors, but it is affecting the servicers as well.

A perfect example of how it is affecting a servicer is when you don't make your payment. A servicing company still has to pay the investor, so they are paying money out of their pocket. So where does that leave them at? Everyone wonders why the economy is in the position it's in.

Not just the "predatory lenders" in addition you fudged your income, or were too unintelligent to sign a loan without reading your terms. It is nobody's fault but your own when you lose your home. If you have a medical issue and you become debilitated- then you can no longer afford the home. Is it your servicers responsiblity to pay your mortgage.


Don't think that your sob story deserves pity, because ultimately no one is going to hold your hand, there are far more people, and probably even people that work for these companies that have worse things going on .So they follow the rules, the rules that are very clearly stated. So if you make the choice to get a loan, make a choice to not read your loan documents, or fudge numbers so that you can get a loan- well then that was your choice.

Badajoz, Extremadura, Spain #15583

I had no idea that Homeq serviced only subprime. I have never had a problem with Homeq.

One time a payment somehow didn't go through on-line because of a glitch which cause my account to be late. When I called, they corrected the error and didn't charge me a late fee.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #6715

homeq sucks. there are now 2 people that are saying otherwise out of hundreds of stories.they wouldnt help me.I walked out and bought a huge house with a fixed rate.

learned my lesson.I called them 20 times to see if they would refi me to a fixed rate .they would never call back.Funny,now they call me 20 times a day.I shouldve got a lawyer to read the contract for homeq,but i didnt.Any of you with good credit and a good income,go buy another house before you are late.

I had 3 lawyers tell me that and I followed their advice. thank god.

West Creek, New Jersey, United States #5238

I also have a loan with Homeq-I am an escrow officer and know the terms of my loan inside and out-I have always made my payments on time and have never had to call them until a couple of weeks ago-it was to ask a simple question-the girl I talked to was very rude and uninformed-she tried to tell me things about my loan that just were not true-when I called her on it she hung up on me.

Some of you who are self righteously putting blame on these borrowers need to get off your high horse. Yes, people should read and understand what they are signing but these subprime lenders had the responsibility of not letting people into loans that they could eventually not be able to afford. They qualified them on the"teaser rate" and not on the highest rate that the payment could adjust to-and then their mtg. brokers told them-"oh don't worry -you will be able to refinance before the payment goes up". Now there are people out there who have done everything right-made their payments, improved their credit and guess what-they are being told they can't refi because their values have gone down. They can't afford the higher payment so their choice is to ask the lender to work with them and freeze their rate or face foreclosure-but guess what -servicers such as Homeq are going to bleed them dry before working with them-they are going to trash their credit and try to get every nickel from them before the freeze their rates-no wonder people just walk away.

These subprime lenders just got greedy in making these loans and now the lenders want the government to bail them out-but they don't want to be responsible to the people they loaned money too that that they should not have-these people can't refi because of declining home values.

I feel for all you people having to deal with servicers like Homeq. I wish I had some advice and answers. One bit of advice I do have-if they make any agreements with you for forbearance or repayment plans-do not rely on anything verbal over the phone. Get it in writing! If they won't give it to you in writing they are trying to pull something shady-do not agree to or rely on it. And please read it carefully before you sign it-including the fine print. Your lender made you agree to everything in writing before they gave you the loan and I can guaranty you that when they go to foreclose they are going to rely on that deed of trust you signed that gives them the legal power to foreclose-anything they have told you verbally means nothing. If you are facing foreclosure-pull out that copy of the deed of trust you signed at closing and read it thoroughly so you know what you are facing as far as the foreclosure process.

Graton, California, United States #2559

Well I guess when you work for the company being complained about it is easy not to. The only way they can get a positive review from the 100s I have read is from someone working within the company writing it.

Hey we know this is the only way you can keep your jobs. By defrauding others.

Fullerton, California, United States #2529

I also have never had a problem with HomEq. I have never been late with a payment, and will complete the payoff on my home in less than one year after having my mortgage with them for 9 years.

My rate is not variable and the percentage was competitive. For those whose dreams of home ownership were taken advantage of by unscrupulous brokers, I am sorry that happened to you.

I live in Galvesotn County, Texas. So there is my name and where I live.

Mobile, Alabama, United States #1712

Doesn't this joker realize he is also a "subprime person", otherwise he would not have a loan being serviced by Homeq???? lol

So you haven't had a problem with them yet? Stick around...the party is just beginning.

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom #1493

If you were so comfortable with the company, why didn't you sign your name and city and state like all of those who complained? One satisfied customer out of maybe thousands is a little short of being a reputable compmany.

The one thing that I will say is that the company reps are kind until you speak to someone in loss mitigation. They are the ones not willing to listen or help. I have bee there because of medical issues, but I have gotten help from HOMEQ to help resolve my problems. They have truly been good to me.

I have read many of these complaints and it seems that most of the people were paying on time and/or were doing what they were told to do if their loan had been sold to HOMEQ. No one needs to make those who are truly doing their part feel like they are the culpret~~they are victims of a poor economic system and I wish there was a way to help those who do right and want to do the right thing.

Marji Cooks

Jasper, FL

Fleet, England, United Kingdom #1319

ur rite its tru no one put a gun to there head and said u need to get a home owning a home privledge not aright.. so stop blaming homwq for ur own problems..

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Homeq Servicing is a rip-off


I have been battling home q for 4 years.

They said i was behind but i have two loans thru them and they were applying it all to one.

They helped cause the bankruptcy i was in. I am now out of bankruptcy and i have been calling every month since the bankruptcy to make payment by phone and every month cofirming with quintella or uganda in the bankruptcy dept i was current.

well now as of 102407 bankruptcy is completed they now say i am a month behind.

It really angered me that their comment would be we sent you statements and I am responsible.

The last payment made was 100407 for oct payment and 101907 i recd a bill stating that i owe for nov next; but when i called they say i am a month behind.

You are unable to talk to anyone with any sense. on

the 19TH I called to get an amt i owed with the amt they had in suspence taken off and after 45 minutes i still didnt have an amt.

Is there anybody at that company that cares about customer service and accuracy.

I am not someone who cusses but they bring out the worst in me. Is there someone that can help people like us who cannot afford legal representation but needs companys like this to be held accountable for their acctions.

Review about: Loan Experience.



I payed HQ off in 2009 but received a notice that I owed 230.00 more for pay off.I tryed to contact HQ but they had desolved the business, and turned over what was lefted to WellsFargo. I called WellsFargo and they only received a e-mail notice that my account was payed in full, but was transfered to Ocwen for escrow payment of $6.00 which had interest attached with a balance of 170.00.

After contacting Ocwen it was proven that I had payed off the account early and that they owe me money which I received a $6.oo check in the mail (I was told in the beginning from HQ that any over payment would be refuned in 26 working days) which didn't happen. After many phome call and promise I have never received a deed or abtract showing payment being made, but have received from Ocwen written statment say pay off was certain and then notized. I need a Lawer to handle this matter please contact me at: it has been over 2.5 yrs and no other contact...I would like to sue HQ for money and time lost not knowing or hearing from them or handle things in a business manner.

Mark V. Ivy


I say we gather up and sue for billions!!!!crooked as a country road!!!!!took money illegally.


My spouse and I lost our home to foreclosure in April 2009. We attempted a loan modification with HomeEq who was just servicing our loan.

It took me several phone calls to this company and a written letter requesting who our actual lender was; found out it was Deutsch Bank. My husband had emergency open heart surgery in March 2007 (he is a licensed contractor - 45 yrs. old) and was readmitted to the hospital one month later for another heart procedure. In March 2007, I knew immediately that I better send HomeEq a hardship letter documenting everything should we find ourselves in a position where we were unable to make our mortgage pymt.

My husband was out of work for approx. 8 months. I faxed 75 pages to HomeEq asking for a loan modification and/or a reduction in our principal because my husband was unable to work for almost one yr. Every time I called I was asked to refax the information to another dept.

I have a file that is approx. 300 pages thick. I spent approx. 4-6 mos.

on this and then in Dec. 2008 I was laid off from my banking position. We got behind on pymts because of medical issues and job loss. We had insurance but it did not cover approx.

$25,000 worth of medical bills that we paid out of pocket (came out of what little we had in savings). All of that information was faxed to HomEq. We had asked again for a reduction in principal amount to $200,000.00. Needless to say they did not budge and our house was sold at a trustees sale for $170,000.00.

Now, I ask you, why did they not work with us relative to the principal reduction of around $200,000 and instead ignored us and end up selling the home for $170,000 (plus any expenses incurred because of the foreclosure). Does not make much economic sense. Ours was really a medical hardship and all admission, surgery, prescription, medical pymts., etc. records were copied and forward to HomeEq.

They never wanted to deal with us from the beginning. We were essentially transferred from one dept. to another. I think their tactic is to wear the consumer out so that they are so incredibly frustrated they give up.



Please Please call me with doing a modification through a attorney based modification company my number is 877-816-1220 ext 2221 my name is Steve LoPresti


well this is rigth this company just want your property and leave you on the street where is the help they dont want to help you on anything they just want your property and see you in the street the Federal goverment is not doing anything against this Home eq ripp off where is the help for the people they dont want to give us a loan modification the give you the run around and pass the call to different customer services and they give you all kind of miss leading information and dont want to help with the money the federal goverment have give them they are a RIPP OFF for shure every time they call the first thing they said areyou ready to sell or what they ask for all kind of paper work we sended and some of them said you dont make enough the other ones said you make tomuch what up with all that the goverment need to do something about this lets get united and sen letters to our state congressman to help us otherwise we all gonna loose our homes and then what lets do it people!!HOME EQ is a ripp off mis leading people to foreclossure for sure!!ltes make those letter against HOME EQ...


yea.. we have probs with them too...sometimes i pay between 10-15 or each month cuz of the paycheck..but ***!

they call and call sometimes 3 times a day ...i am like.. i am not even a month behind just a few days and i have til the 15 to pay..

but they are calling and calling like i am going to run away with the house... they are *** and unprofessional too.

Chalfont, Pennsylvania, United States #17433

I guess it may be a good thing I'm not working for them. I applied to a certain position that I am very qualified and have experience doing. After being basically told through a friend of mine who works there that they aren't even going to look at my qualifications unless the person they hired is going to turn it down, which they did by the way because of lack of the person's pay requirements.

That pissed me off.

The second thing that pissed me off is that since the person turned down the position supposedly management told the supervisor that they didn't want to hire someone for the position after all. Now, if I was the supervisor I would be pissed and say "Thanks for taking time away from me doing other things that I could've been doing for the company." My friend told the supervisor basically that it's *** not even fighting for the position especially when they have someone that is qualified/has experience doing what they wanted done, did want to work for the company and is a loyal and hardworker. The supervisor's response: "Oh well".

So, instead of spending money playing games at work or doing "teamwork building" things during work hours, maybe that money should go towards the position that you spent time creating, posting on job sites and interviewing for!

Yeah, I'm pissed off, but guess what, maybe it's a good sign that I don't work for them or should work for them. The way our economy and housing market is going, they probably won't survive much longer.

Floral Park, New York, United States #5381

All of those that are having issues like the sandra heasley for instance. If yuou made the payment to the taxing authority then make sure that you have your rec/pt if you do not request that you get another one form them..

Contact The tax department at homeq and tell them that you have proof that the taxes were paid and you will be sending it to them. If you paid the taxes prior to them paying them then they will be the ones to ask for a refund back from the tax authority in your area. Your escrow will be adjusted. In the mean time you can always ask that the escrow shortage be spread over a 36 month period that would reduce your payments while you are getting this straightened out.

This is what usually happens. The due date for your taxes are approaching and the mortgag company gets notified that they are not paid.. then they send out three notices that people usually disreguard instead of following up on with the company then the company pays them and so did the customer. It becomes a mess however can be straightened out.

If once it is straightened out then you should be back on track and anything that was overpaid would be returned to you. I am sorry for all of the problems that you are having if I can be of assistance please let me know

Nahant, Massachusetts, United States #3147

my story with HomEq goes like this, We like everone in america are struggling to make ends meet, I do my best to get my payments in , i post my payments on the website the first of the month to avoid them callilng me. Any way, two years ago, I paid my local taxes at the tax office. One day i was on the website and noticed they had a tax reembersment for the exact amount that i had just paid. I called them and asked them why they had a tax reembursment since they had never paid my taxes, they were not escroed into the loan, they informed me that they had escroed the taxes as of sept the following year. I asked why i was not informed before I made my payment, they told me they did not have to inform me. I was livid. then I asked for the refund, they told me to call my tax office for the refund. Wait it gets better. I called my tas office, they said that HomEq had made no payment to our home that month or any other , now I was really pissed not only was my money gone, but they did not pay the taxes either. So I called them back. They said they indeed did make the payment and the tax office was wrong, I told them the tax office had no record of any payment other than mine and the other taxes were also due that they said they paid, they told me not to owrry about the taxes that they paid them, I told them that id the state came after me, i would sue them.

The biggest *** here was when i was informed that my payment was doubled since they escroed my taxes into my loan, I went through the roof. My payment went up over $1000.00 a month , that is one whole pay check , and i have two loans with them, and the loan would not decrease until the escroe balance was in the positive, 2009, OH MY GOD , i though how in this world are we going to make it, We both tood another job for extra money.

Pissed OFF, i'm not pissed off, i want HomEq to go away forever!!!!!

Red Bay, Alabama, United States #1778

OK our story starts out about a year ago, my husband got laid off and

didn't tell me he didn't make a payment that was Jan 07. When I realized this I immediately made good on catching up on thispayment, but Homeq kept calling me to pay fee's like appraisal fee's late payment fee's and foreclosure fee's they said I accrued, not to mention, our taxes were not to be escrowed but they went ahead and paid them, and we did too! They would not return the money and they are making us pay them back now at double payment. I paid them all and paid all payments on time the rest of the year.

In Nov 07 I'm calling Homeq asking why they had not cashed the oct.

payment? In a few days I got a letter stating they "Discovered an overage

of payment benefits You(ME)this upcoming holiday season" They said it was 1,200. in overpayment and enclosed was my Oct Check and a payment schedule of one lower payment for Nov and back to regular payments in Dec.

Again I find out my Dec payment (mailed early dec) was never cashed. Jan 8th we call to find out why they had not cashed it and my husband was assured they had it and dec payment was made! Yet it was not taken out of my account. That same day I get a call from homeq Collections telling me

"they can no longer accept payment by check and I would have to arrange alternate means of payment, and they were sending my check back, and ohh by the way your home is going to foreclosure Feb 25th"! This news put me

in a heart attack mode and I almost paid him thousands of dollars over the phone, but did not. I could not imagine what we had done wrong. TODAY I get a statement (I requested) from Homeq showing we are up-to-date with all our payments! We called there offices and they assured us it was all a mistake.

Reading all the bad report and bad news about Homeq's shady dealings and all the people having the same problems I am experiencing, I inquired about re-mortgaging our home elsewhere, and what did they find... Homeq reported to the credit agencies Jan 8th the same day, that we are under foreclosure (I was never served) and that all of our payments to them have been late! When I call the company I get nothing but a runaround and lies.

I am not going to let these people get away with this, is anyone else in

the process of any legal action against them? please let me know. These people are crooks, and Wachovia owned it now it has now been bought by an over seas company Barcley of the UK and we understand they are in financial trouble also they have to be held responsible for Homeq's unscrupulous behavior. anyone please help....

Farnham, England, United Kingdom #1318


This company seems to try and make you delinquent, even when you are not! I had an ARM adjust, but fought to make sure it would be paid. Homeq has caused us nothing but grief, claiming we were late when we were not, and tacking on late fees, when we had paid before the 15th deadline. Even giving them confirmation numbers of payments made doesn't help. YOu talk to one rep, they say they have it documented only to talk to another one, who says it isnt documented. Trace after trace, they still give you a hard time, trying to make you late when you are not.

I paid my amount, DIRECT DEBIT from their website, on 12/14. As of the 16th, I saw no deduction from my checking account. On the 20th, I became concerned and logged into Homeq's website and account information. It shows a return check, and tacks on a fee, on the 19th. Yet, in my checking account, which I can prove, there is the funds, and no attempts at all for Homeq to retrieve them. I checked the account information on the site, and they have all the correct appears they either tried the wrong account or, they didn't take the funds at all and are making it appear that I didn't pay on the first month of the adjustment. I have a call into them to start, once again the fighting procedure, but I get the run around of the "4 to 5 business days" story--in the mean time, the account is not paid.

I would gladly electronically transfer the funds but, I did that a few months ago and they took the electronic transfer from their own procedures, which had me pay the amount TWICE. This will bounce my checking account. THerefore, I don't want to pay twice, and am waiting for them to contact me so I can ensure they don't do a double transaction.

As for working with this company on modifications, they tell you flat out that, they don't do that. With all the lay offs in our country, everyone is struggling. MOST cases are not deadbeat but are because of the loss of jobs. SOmething has to be done or many good families will be out of a home because companies like this exist, trying hard to make you lose what you have worked so hard to have. They certainly are making enough money on the interest they are charging on the ARM's, so they are not in the risk of a loss. THis is simple greed! This needs to be stopped.

I hope we all can come together and do something with this company, and all others like them. America is the only country in the free world that has people losing homes at this rate, because of the mortgage industry.

God BLess,


Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal #1081

I suggest a class action lawsuit... i live in Aventura, Florida and right now our state leads in foreclosures.....and Homeeq in my opinion is the leading company behind this utilizing the scapegoat of additional insurance for condo owners to purchase and if not purchased they go ahead and escrow and charge the account 5 times the normal additional insurance rate which in fact is not needed from the individual condo owner because the building and the condo association already have a master plan insurance policy....and after taking the time to prove this to them they are charing you this amount while you are paying your regular mortgage and because they consider this as partial payment after it is proven to them that the inusrance is not needed they issuer a partial refund of what they are additionally charging you even if they did not have you as a customer as the reason for the partial refund....meaning if they have you as customer start date January 07 and u show proof of the condo association having the the necessary insurance they will say they will only redeem a partial refund of this very in my opinion fraudulent additional charge due to you not having proof from November 06......this is just not right and it needs to sympathy goes out to any one going through the very same thing causing more of an headache and more stress than anyone should have to go through.


another pissed off consumer,

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RE: HomEq Servicing

Not resolved

Every employee at HomEq is trained to lie. They admit themselves that they do not get paid very much to service our loans.

We are fighting them too.

We made 2 electronic payments to them. They sent letters to us stating that the checks were "dishonored". About a month later after I filed a complaint with the BBB they sent me a reply that the "account not found". First we heard of this.

They say it took 14 days to find this out. LIE! Electronic check takes one day to go through and they would have found that out then if the account was not found. Yet they send the second check through with no new information from us.

How did we know that they did not give the bank the correct numbers? If what they said was true then why would they send the second check through? We even tried to call them to see what numbers they had on record for our account and they refused to give them to us. Not suprising.

They didn't have anything down. They had no intentions of sending them through.

They wanted us to be in arrears.



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We do not send checks thru twice, and it takes more then a day for a check to be prosessed. We send it to the bank the day you make the payment, but when the bank sends it thru and sends US a returned check is out of our hands.... geesh

Legaspi, Albay, Philippines #962

I, too have a mortgage through Homeq, and I have never in my life had so many issues. This is not my first mortgage---I have perfect credit with all my mortgages, except for Homeq! I had no choice on having a mortgage with this company. Like with most mortgage companies, ours was sold from Wilmington Finance (who is now part of legal action for misrepresenting funds on closing costs).

We are human beings. We all make mistakes, and we all have problems due to the economy. Layoff's in America are causing many people, especially those over 35 unable to find work that is at the same compensation as to what they had before. Some jobs, like my husband's (he is a bus driver) are affected by freak weather that we have been experiencing for several years. We get sick, and get huge bills causing us to have problems with our finances, and then fall trap into using credit cards to pay our other bills--like our mortgage when there is no income coming. This is something the mortgage companies need to take into account and, instead of immediately trying to take more money from us (when we obviously don't have enough as it is), and instead, work with us in order to pay our debts, so we get back on our feet again. Let's face it--foreclosure is no good for anyone. The company loses out, the person that owns the house loses everything, etc. Isn't it much more logical to work with the client than to condemn them, harass them and finally, take the property that ends up hurting everything, including our economy.

We were on time and always early on our mortgage with Homeq for years. Then, Colorado had heavy snow storms, that ended up closing roads from Kansas for weeks. This happened in November of 2006, and my husband is a bus driver. He could not work, and doesn't get compensated unless he does. This is an act of nature. There was no other work at the time. The bus company he works for has ski charters all winter, but were unable to continue until all the roads were opened again.

We fell behind one month. I immediately called Homeq, and explained the situation. I talked to a very nice man that told me, I could go on a payment plan for 6 months, which helped us immensely. He told me that, I could skip December's payment, and then begin the repayment plan in January. I praised God for this, for it helped us immensely. Again, this was only ONE MONTH that we were late. We had no paychecks coming in until they cleared the roads from Kansas to Colorado--about 2 weeks, before drivers stranded in Colorado could get back and the new charters could start going through (many charters were canceled afterwards because of this).

The rep was very understanding, read me my rights over the phone, told me I was being recorded, etc. I got confirmation in the mail and began repayment--and also began a nightmare with Homeq.

What the rep failed to tell me was that, my grace period no longer applied during repayment. The letter I received also has nothing on it to tell me this. My husband gets paid every 2 weeks, so his check didn't come in until January 2. Well, the repayment was for Jan. 1. I paid the mortgage on January 3, but it didn't clear with homeq until January 6th, even though I had a confirmation number.

Instead of putting on my credit report that I was 30 days late, they have that I was 6 months late, even though I was on a repayment plan. Because I paid on the 3rd of January, I was in breach of my contract (supposedly) and was marked late AGAIN because of this.

When I called to argue this and get it off my credit report I was told that, I was late and I was disclosed this information when the employee talked to me. I told them that, it was recorded that day and to listen to the entire conversation. If it was told to me, I would apologize and not go any further. However, I took my tax income and paid off my one month that was late in February, and should not have marks on there for being late in December, January AND February. I was told again that, they couldn't review the conversation for it was already gone (since it was recorded in December), and that, even though I was paid up, I was still considered late, due to the repayment contract stating I was to pay on the first of the month, as told to me "over the phone", which I know was never told to me.

So, even though I paid at the end of December, on Jan. 3, and paid the arrears in FULL in February, I still have negative marks of being late--even though I have electronic check confirmation numbers to PROVE I paid as stated.

To make matters worse, I sent a payment, electronically on March 13. I received a confirmation number as well, and it was directly sent to Homeq. However, it wasn't credited to my account until March 15--again, putting a LATE mark on my credit report, even though I have proof of payment on my checking account of it being transferred immediately.

So now, I have one of the lovely ARM's, which I figured I would just refinance when the time came. Thanks to Homeq, I can't refinance because our credit is so poor, showing 4 months of late's, even though I only had one month of late. I have investigations going through all credit reporting agencies, and am fighting this. However, I still cannot refinance until this is taken off my record--this brought my credit down to 582, which makes it very hard to refinance with because we are not rich enough to own a 401K, the employer we have doesn't offer one, and with a credit score now that low, we can't find anyone that will take the risk--why? Because, it is the MORTGAGE we were shown late with!

I will say this--I have never had a bad rep call me. They are always very nice. It is the company I have a problem with, and what they are doing to the people that have loans through them. I also get called on the 1st of every month. I am now paying electronically on the 31st of the month before--but it isn't being credited by Homeq until the 2nd. My grace period is still the 15th, and I am paying early..yet, I still receive a call every 1st of the month, where i have to read the confirmation number to them, every time--and then get an apology for the call (you would think they would record this and check for incoming transfers, before putting us in for a collection call).

I am disgusted. We had good credit until this all happened. This was a freak issue with weather, and we immediately took action and called Homeq to let them no. We never tried to not pay our debt, but tried to work with them, which we thought was happening. Ever since, it has been pure ***.

I am a Christian and I know I must be responsible for our debts. I have never, once tried to not repay my duties. I just could not do it on the date it was due, and tried to explain the circumstances--yet, only got into hot water because of my honesty and wanting to make things right. How can a company do this? What good does it do for everyone involved?

The foreclosure rate, due to arm's is supposed to rise this coming year, unless the government does something. If this happens, our economy slide even more. I don't know how I am going to pay the 250.00 more a month for my loan, so I can't imagine how those who are really struggling, due to loss of income are going to survive this either. The only ones that will make out on this are the ones that make money off of the misfortune of others--greedy landlords that take the property for nothing, fix them up a bit and resell them--or these mlm companies that sell you foreclosure lists and then have you try to bid on these houses (which is almost impossible, since there are the wealthy that can make cash payments that day, and you just can't outbid them).

We need to all get together and fight this company. Heck, I don't know who to write but I am willing to get on the podium and start fighting for what is right and stopping what is wrong. Homeq should offer a refinance for those unable to pay for the arm rising rate. They should offer SOMETHING==after all, their site insists that they value their customers. Is it the customers that they value, or their wallets?

Sorry, I went off on a tangent but..This is so wrong. I am praying that, someone in government takes a look at these practices and realizes that, something is desperately wrong because of so many having it happen to them (and it not just being those that truly are deadbeats), and force these mortgage companies to do something so our country does not go into foreclosure ***.

God bless you all that have gone through it. You are absolutely right, no matter what "employee" says you are not, and I have a checking account that can prove it, as I am sure you do to.

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