HomeQ said they filed in court against me and did not back in2004

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I got a mortgage from Custom Mortgage in September of 2000. The mortgage was sold to HomeQ and about a year later they started in on me accusing me of not having homeowners insurance [page 1] and telling me I had to buy there insurance. They kept on me about it for a while and finally gave up; I would not pay twice for the same thing [proof of my insurance page 1a]. Then it was advances on my statement, They would not tell me what it was for at first and then after about 9 months they finally sent me a sheet [page2] with what they supposedly spent money on that I found out they did not, it was bogus. I went to the Hancock Co. Clerk and she had no record of HomeQ filing in court against me. They charged me a little over $1000, said if I paid it [$200 extra a month] at the end I would be even and they would start sending me statements as usual. This did not happen. After a year of making extra payments I still owed the $1000. I got an attorney and he wanted me to file bankruptcy, I wanted to sue, he talked me into bankruptcy over money I did not owe. While in bankruptcy they said I did not make a November payment and I did and proved it so there lawyers said I did not pay my property tax and I did and proved it. My lawyer then filed to Conduct a 2004 Examination [page3]. It was granted by the court but they refused to show up. My lawyer then filed for an Order Granting Motion to Deem Mortgage Payments Current [page4], that was in June 25, 2008. Everything was quite till I got out of bankruptcy and then in August it all started up again. Sent me 3 statements [page 5] in 5 days and all had different amounts on them, they have not sent me a regular statement in 6 years.

Along with the Order to Deem the Mortgage Current I have included a copy of my payments [pages 6] since then proof of paying the property tax [pages 7] and insurance [pages 8]. There end of the year tax statement [page 9] which shows they pay nothing they do not need and escrow. [page 10] are the complaint letters [just a few] that I have sent to them.This should show that this is harassment and wanting money that I do not owe. I figure that they try to get and have in the past for about $1000 extra and year besides the time I put in with letters and lawyers. I should get paid for all of the running I have to do to prove these people wrong, the fraud they have committed and my health that has went down hill since they started in on me.Thank you for taking the time to look at my problem

Robert Kinnaman


Homeq violates and reneges on MUTUALLY SIGNED MODIFICATION

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Homeq- sent me a loan modification. I signed it.

Their VP Signed it and gave me a certified copy from their office. IT WAS A DONE DEAL. two months later they call me and say --- we have decided not to honor the modification that we just signed !!!!!!!they forclosed on my home - i am one year into a law suit.

DOES ANYONE HAVE A MUTUALLY EXECUTED LOAN MOD WITH HOMEQ THAT THEY RENEGED ON------PLEASE CONTACT ME. Not only did they violate a written agreement --- but they accepted money (total of 24K) to provide me a loan mod that i got---but they just decided not to honor.



Home eq approved by HAMP on August 6th 2010. On August 18th they denied it.

On August 20th THey sent me a letter stating that i am in default. Has anybody experienced a positive uotcome from this situation.


I've tried 3 times in the past year to get a loan mod from HomEq! They request all this *** be faxed and then you hear nothing from them!

I'm in foreclosure and never even received a notice!

They are a *** company!

Actually they can have my house since it's falling apart :grin


I guest homeq customer service representative have a strong hold on this site because these remarks sounds just like the ones that I spoke with over the last 4+ years. The first thing to do is ask them who is the investor that owns your mortgage because they are just DEBT COLLECTORS that don't modify.

Try to contact the investor because a lot of them don't show up until Homeq start a foreclosure proceeding. The people that make money on a foreclosure are attorneys. I still can't understand why Homeq lie so much. They tell you to send in a large amount of money and they will redo your loan but they get the money and then tell you they can't modify and you are back to square one which is them asking for another large sum of money.

I don't understand why the government has not investigated them for predatory lending and not following the original HAMP program. They want you to fail.


HomEq is a bunch of liars.

They play a game of pretending the never receive the mod paperwork from the homeowner. I faxed it, mailed it, Fedex'd it and the still claim they never received it.



I've been a HomEq Servicing customer for a little over two years. The customer service reps have always been extremely helpful/understanding.

It was a customer service rep that informed me that I should request a loan modification due to my current situation. We submitted all the paperwork in August and were approved for a loan modification at the end of October. I haven't experienced any of the situations that these other customer have.

I have had a very positive experience thus far. Regards,


they got us too, paid the down payment they asked for after months of asking them to work with us and then kept telling us wait, wait, wait youll papers from us etc. never got anything for about 11 weeks except a letter on july 20th stating our home was being sold that very day.


So basically you stopped paying for a long time (Paid 24k) and then thought you had them in a spot they had to work with you, they didnt, and now your getting a lawyer.

Thiers are bigger (Thier a bank) and you should not have played with your home like that


anyone being charged a down pymnt to get a mod is delq. This money goes only to your loan and nowhere else. It is used to put your loan in a current enough state to start the mod.

This person is high, homeq follows same basic models as the going economy. They started with the most troubled loans first that is why you see delq people get them first. It beats helping people that arent currently loosing thier home and kicking famlies out in the streets and taking HUGE loses......Makes sense right?

As for the mod process it is a learing curb for the enitre country, it dosent state in ANY LOAN that if you have hard times we'll change the offer, so when you actually have that situation arise it is new.

If you look in THE NEW YORK TIMES it actually rates home #1 for mods being done correctly and we are A- in the BBB rating. We help as many people as we can that need help but you also get a large amount of people looking to exploit the system by manipulating these hard time for thier benefit.

HOMEQ now follows all HAMP guidelines and will also test for internal opts after that has failed. Anyone that says you need to be delq to get a mod is as high as this person! We get money to mod your loan and EVEN MORE $$$ if we mod it before it gets delq!!!!!!!!

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HomeQ - Who doesn't want their money

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So I called Homeq to find out why our payment was returned and they tell me that they can't explain why but that it has to do with my bankruptcy. This is confusing because they were the same one that told us to just call to notify them when we can resume payment.

Now no one seems to know what that is about. Is there ever going to be a time when these companies won't contradict themselves? Then they tell me to call my attorney to find out about a rule they made.

How is he suppose to know what their company policy is? This has been a frustration and painful experience that I never want to relieve.

Review about: Money Return.

HomEq - a mortgage SCAM

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Not resolved

They are scam artists and use every opportunity to squeeze more money and fees out of you until they sell the house from under you...

We fell behind on our high variable interest mortgage, when both my husband and I lost our jobs for several months over the last year. We struggled to make good on the loan, and made every effort to keep our home from foreclosure, and eventually filed bankruptcy.

HomEq would not negotiate a modifcation. Throughout the entire process, HomEq's billing and accounting, has been grossly inaccurate, billing us and adding unrealistic fees for payments that were made, but THEY had no record of. And we were asked to provide proof of payment almost every month. If a bank cannot keep track of its own investments, how can it be expected to manage a hand out from the government?

Two days before the bank auction, HomEq insisted that we pay ten thousand dollars before they would even consider "modifying" our mortgage.

If you are buying a home do not go with them...RUN AWAY! As far away from them as you can, or you, too will lose your home to them.

Review about: Mortgage Loan.

Monetary Loss: $140.



You obviously have never in your life done a grown up thing....I never lost my job. I just had a run of really bad financial set backs....When the Mortgage company starts increasing a set rate mortgage bill for "imagined" expences they can't even prove you owe because you say..."I can barely make the payment" The next week they make sure you can't.....They want my home for what ever reason....I'm awaiting eviction....and then our Lawyer is taking over. So Ha Ha...watch out one day you will understand the situation we are in that is not caused by bad investments or judgements but by bad business practices.


Out of work three days and now you cannot make your mortgage payment..sound like bull to me. Stop complaining and expecting a free handout and go to work and pay your mortgages. I see you didn't give up your internet access to save your home


icalled them and told them i can't make my payments due to the three furlough days i have to take. i offered to give them half of the payment and make up the rest when the furlough stop.

they said no and they would not give me a mod.So guess what home eq, come and get it. i will be here untill i have to leave.


homeq sucks. they offered me a motgage modification that was a higher payment than i originally had.

when i refused it thay filed foreclosure. when my attorney asked for documentation they never responded. they files papers with the court for summary judgement. they were told no because we answered thier complaint.

they still havent prodused anything and scheduled a hearing. and get this...they are going to appear by telephone. i dont even get my right to ask questions face to face. they called me last week and said they wanted to work something out.

only if i gave them $8,000 first which i refused to do. i was out of work for 4 months and fell behind. i have the money to save the house but after all thier *** fees im $30,000 under water. i used to have $50,00 equity that got wiped out in the recession but that dont matter to them that i lost money.

then i asked about obamas 31% plan. they said they were going to participate but MAYBE by the end of the year. alot of good that does to help anyone now. they say thier looking out for thier investors.

well heres a news flash for them.....when they take peoples houses and they lie vacant and get vandalized before they are sold it costs thier precious investors money. they loose alot more than homeq thinks thier saving them. if they acted fairly and responsibbly they would be earning thier investors a proffit. if i was an investor in the trusts that homeq services id sue them.

they are the most unproffessional people ive ever dealt with. most of them cant even speak english and read from a prepared script. when you ask them a question they dont know what to say if its not on thier script. what a bunch of loosers.

thats ok. since they didnt care about me i dont care about them. i hope the investors like loosing billions of dollars.

cause thats what homeq cost them. .....can you say class action lawsuit!!!!!!

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HomEq-Crooks to the end

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When my husband lost his job for 6 months we became behind on our mortgage. HomEq filed forclosure proceedings.

To stop it we claimed chapter 11 to cover all the back late payments, then made the current payments. Each current payment was applied to the back payments (covered under the bankruptcy) and we were constantly being told that we were behind and fees were added. When we tried to apply for a modification loan, we were told that they could not seperate the payments under bankruptcy from the modification making it impossible for us to afford. They have forclosed and will sell our home tomorrow!

CROOKS! DO NOT get a mortgage with HomEq!

Review about: Mortgage Loan.

Monetary Loss: $140.

Homeq uses Deceptive Practices

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Do not, and I mean do not, use any lender recommended by Homeq. They use brokers like Nationstar and 1st Metropolitan (was part of their website) to garner info from you. These people pretend to want to help YOU but in actuality they are not doing anything. This is all a game to them. The unforeseen challenges in your life mean nothing to these people.

I used two "brokers" recommended by Homeq. It wasn't until 2 months into using the 2nd broker that I realized they were merely there to stall any opportunities for a loan modification or a short refi -I tried both and/or to see me fall behind on my mortgage and ultimately lose my home. I am currently working with an approved FHA lender. Please find your own lender and do not rely upon Homeq - for anything.



HomEq charged me twice for my yearly taxes and at an inflated rate. I fought for two months with no help or even a human to reach.

i retained an attorney who also had trouble getting any answers or a human to talk to. After 4 months the threathened foreclosure.

long story shorter i ended up paying two thousand dollars to HomEq for thier attorneys and late fees to keep my home, when none of

the problem was ever my fault. They also sent me to many (quote) help lines that did nothing but stall me to make me later and later on the pay back.



HomeQ - Home Eq: Dirty Rotten Scoundrals

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Not resolved

Those Dirty Rotten Scoundrels pulled the carpet out from underneath us.

Feb 20Th: We gave them the money they asked for thousands of dollars- and they told us in 7-10 days we would know for sure the actual payment,

March 5Th: 12 days later I call , We have not heard from you... they replied we said 10 to 14 business days we will note that you called.

March 19Th: 2 more weeks go by and we have heard nothing not a paper in the mail not a phone call- its now been 30 days- a solid month since we gave them every penny we had, I call pretty furious We still have not heard from you...the lady said we told you it would take at least 45 days we are really backed up- your file will be worked on soon I will note the account. I let them know that every time I call they change the dates on me and she argued every which way that I was the one lying

April 13Th- I am doing some Internet research and come across a web site all about complaints against our actual mortgage company there were more than 80 families that had their promises broken after their money was taken in the the last year. I was very concerned and decided we would put our foot down with them if we had no news by end of next week,

April 15: 2 days later-now 3 weeks later then the last phone call we find out through a realtor friend that our house is up for auction in 10 days YES 10 days from today and if it was to sell we would have a police escort us out with no time to pack-those SB didn't even notify us what so ever that they decided for what ever reason not to accept our loan modification ( that they guaranteed us verbally but refused to send papers)-. I am SO mad I could just spit huge companies running away with peoples hard earned money and getting away with it!

Review about: Home Mortgage.



i dont know if either of you check this after writing on it but i absolutly want in on the class action suit- the atorny general did nothing for us and BBB didnt do much either- we deffinitly dont have the money to start our own lawsuit at this point- leave me some kind of contact please srherman@msn.com


Let me know if you start proceedings on a class action lawsuit. I will totally jump in on that.



Homeq & Wells Fargo Bank comitts Fraud

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Not resolved

I'm currently in default in Southern Oregon. I was Involved in a auto accident on Feb 10 2008, After missing work and using up all sources of revenue (No Savings left-mine or friends), I received a notice of default from homeq. I tried to talk with them and they were very rude and demanding, Wanted me to agree to pay when I could not pay. After them being very abusive to me on the phone I hired a refi company to work out a deal so that we could keep the home that we have owned for 20 years. Homeq talked with myself and a agent of refi company on phone and stated that if I payed 2200.00 in the next 30 days they would work out a deal with me so as we could keep our home. they requested a list of house hold bills and proof of income-which was supplied. In 16 days I payed the 2200.00 via western union.

7 Days later I was informed Homeq was not accepting the money (After they did receive it) and was demanding I pay 12000.00 within days.

I attempted to contact Wells Fargo bank as they were listed as owner of note and wells Fargo denied owning note. after enough persistence from myself wells Fargo did admit the did in fact own the note. but stated that I must deal with homeq.

Wells Fargo committed fraud by not admitting to me they owned note.

Homeq Committed fraud by agreeing to take money and make arrangements and then not doing it.

I have 3 days to auction. Anyone with ideas?


Review about: Home Loan.


Medford, Oregon, United States #854620

Just thought I would mention that I did lose my home job and wife on this. Sure wish something could be done about this.

Seems corporations are exempt to all laws. - patstriffler at gmail.com oregon USA


Read your post again- We refied in 2004 ish not sure how many payments but should be enough history.


No Nothing was in writing- over the phone. Notes were takin by my self and Refi agent.

Current Dialog is going on between Refi And Homeq.

So far HomeQ wants Payment of what is late paid in full and I am unable to do so because of fore mentioned situation.

My Thing here is they have the documentation and phone tapes so I do not understand what the problem is unless they have someone on the outside that is willing to purchase the property at a reduced rate and split th profit with them-what is owed is 50% of value.

Like they really need another vacant home....... Looking for helpfull suggestions here!


Did you get any of this in writing between your refi you and bank?? Anything at all for the agreement of the payment terms??? Banks will try and pull anything they can to get the money.

I can't understand why, if you were only two or three payments behind that they wouldn't want to accept the payment you have made for 20 years faithfully (unless faithfully is not what we are dealing with here) UNLESS they know you didn't make written terms and no one signed anything leaving them open to do what ever they want.

Doesn't make sense...someone's not telling everything.

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Homeq servcing

Lafayette, Louisiana 1 comment

why is homeq servcing wanting people to put down so much money for a loan modification. I thought under the obama plan that the guidelines said that the borrower would not have to come upfront with money to do so, and all missed payment would be put to the end with a lower interest rate.

Everythime you call over there they say they don't have enough information yet. My God it has bee over a month!!!

Can someone please comment on this . I mean if I had the money they want for me to give them I would not be behind on the payments!!!!!!!!!!




Same here, they want me to put so much down. If they would just fix the loans to a 30 yr at a low interest most who are in this mess would more than likely be fine, but thats to simple I guess.

HomeQ - Modification Supervisor names & e-mails

Sacramento, California 3 comments
Not resolved

I just quit working at Homeq after a few weeks because I saw that they treated the customers and the employees horribly. One thing I did learn is that if a customer emailed a Modification Supervisor, they would get a response immideatly! I even saw customers get their rental homes interest rates at 1% for 5 years just by emailing the supervisors enough times.

Jeff Buck, VP jbuck@homeq.com

all the rest are Modification Supervisors:

Matthew Murray mmurray@homeq.com

Matthew Azevedo mazavedo@homeq.com

Marcell Perkins mperkins@homeq.com

Jesse Vasquez jvasquez@homeq.com

Siriporn Pena spena@homeq.com

Review about: Mortgage.



Beware advice from an employee who couldn't retain employment for a full month. The rest of us at HomEq love it with average tenure over 10 years.

Great place to work if you work. Those of us who do can actually remember the correct email name conventions.


I sent all the supervisors emails an they all came back as not being delivered.


Would it help to hire an attorney and have a forensic loan audit done before attempting to do a modification? I also put down a large downpayment and HomeQ was quick to serve me with a notice of default BEFORE 60 days.

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