Do you have a old Homeq Loan Motgage in default, short sale, negative information on your credit report?

Your credit report showing the negative info can be removed!

Dispute it, Homeq is out of business and noone has their old files to check your dispute and the three credit companies can not verify your information and it will be removed!!!!!

I had a short sale completely removed by all three credit agencies because HomeQ is gone and the new CO only bought the servicing NOT the old INFO. Dispute your info Today and it will be deleted within 48 hours!!!!

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How would I go about disputing a foreclosure? Where do I start


I found out yesterday they went out of business so I thought MAYBE my records were lost. I woke up this morning with an email my foreclosure was DELETED!! Just found this post now I understand why it happened so fast :D


i am in this same situation. did you dispute this online and it was removed in two days? please let me know.

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