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I'm currently in default in Southern Oregon. I was Involved in a auto accident on Feb 10 2008, After missing work and using up all sources of revenue (No Savings left-mine or friends), I received a notice of default from homeq. I tried to talk with them and they were very rude and demanding, Wanted me to agree to pay when I could not pay. After them being very abusive to me on the phone I hired a refi company to work out a deal so that we could keep the home that we have owned for 20 years. Homeq talked with myself and a agent of refi company on phone and stated that if I payed 2200.00 in the next 30 days they would work out a deal with me so as we could keep our home. they requested a list of house hold bills and proof of income-which was supplied. In 16 days I payed the 2200.00 via western union.

7 Days later I was informed Homeq was not accepting the money (After they did receive it) and was demanding I pay 12000.00 within days.

I attempted to contact Wells Fargo bank as they were listed as owner of note and wells Fargo denied owning note. after enough persistence from myself wells Fargo did admit the did in fact own the note. but stated that I must deal with homeq.

Wells Fargo committed fraud by not admitting to me they owned note.

Homeq Committed fraud by agreeing to take money and make arrangements and then not doing it.

I have 3 days to auction. Anyone with ideas?

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Just thought I would mention that I did lose my home job and wife on this. Sure wish something could be done about this.

Seems corporations are exempt to all laws. - patstriffler at oregon USA


Read your post again- We refied in 2004 ish not sure how many payments but should be enough history.


No Nothing was in writing- over the phone. Notes were takin by my self and Refi agent.

Current Dialog is going on between Refi And Homeq.

So far HomeQ wants Payment of what is late paid in full and I am unable to do so because of fore mentioned situation.

My Thing here is they have the documentation and phone tapes so I do not understand what the problem is unless they have someone on the outside that is willing to purchase the property at a reduced rate and split th profit with them-what is owed is 50% of value.

Like they really need another vacant home....... Looking for helpfull suggestions here!


Did you get any of this in writing between your refi you and bank?? Anything at all for the agreement of the payment terms??? Banks will try and pull anything they can to get the money.

I can't understand why, if you were only two or three payments behind that they wouldn't want to accept the payment you have made for 20 years faithfully (unless faithfully is not what we are dealing with here) UNLESS they know you didn't make written terms and no one signed anything leaving them open to do what ever they want.

Doesn't make sense...someone's not telling everything.

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