Our problem started with having a mortgage that didn't have taxes in the payment.we had two loans with them( mortgage broker doing) I not saying we were perfect,who would be after moving and still paying on another house but. We're coming through ,had paid a payment arrangement when the taxes were due. Homesq paid them and then raised my payments. I had just made the payment on the smaller loan and called to arrange payment for the primary loan.they wanted the full 2000 dollars ,wouldn't work out arrangement me ,told me we were paying to much on other bills. I called and changed what I could on cable, phone etc. to lower outgoing , not good enough for them and threatens to foreclose on 260,000 loan for 2000. Well that sent us into panic mode,filled for bankruptcy, what a mess, what we claimed (and we claimed more)and what they claimed didn't match,the bankruptcy lawyers said they would fix it.well they fixed it alright,6 mths into the bankruptcy ,Homeq took us back to court for the difference( by the way we had already paid what they had claimed)since we had claimed more we were advised to pay our original mortgage payment of 1500 ( combined) and they were expected the new amount with back escrow ( which we had claimed).Lawyers made a deal for us to pay an extra 500 a month to Homeq which took our payment to 2000 a month with 1400 a month to the courts.we could only do that once .we joist walked away from the house.i do know they sold the house to someone represented by there law firm.I would like to sue both law firm and Homeq.By the way we didn't,have a lot to claim for the bankruptcy.we claimed back taxes and 3 mortgage payments,our ford navigator and like 5000 in misc other payments,we did not have credit cards.

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