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Back last year, we had a lapse in homeowners coverage. As a rule, the insurance was placed on our home by HomEq. That was understandable. As soon as I became aware of the lapse, I got coverage the same day. I noticed that HomEq placed an additional $3000 on my current bill to be due. I called to find out why, and I was told it was because of the insurance. I was told that if I submitted by declarations page to them, they would remove some of that balance. That was fair enough. I had the declarations page faxed over and left that, as that. All of this happening at the same time my 90 yr old grandmother was in the hospital and then her passing. Hence the reason my mind had missed the renewal.

I kept noticing that the additional amount was still showing on bills. Due to horrible customer service in the past (and obvious mistellings) I didn't call. I suppose I should have - but hindsight is 20/20.

Then, I learned after coming home from a business trip that my loan had been sold. I noticed on the bill, the first bill, that I was still being charged the additional amount. A letter stated to call with any innaccuracies. So, I did.

Well, I was told that it wasn't insurance that caused this - but rather HomEq had not been applying my payments. I am so sickened to think that all of these years I have been making payments, to know that HomEq received them, cashed them, and did not apply the payments.

As of tomorrow, my home goes into foreclosure. I JUST found out about this whole mess - today!!! I am hopeful that Ocwen will be able to see that I have in fact been making my payments and will hold off on the foreclosure.

If you have a loan with or through HomEq - reject it. There are other companies out there that do not do such unethical things to their customers.

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I worked for homeq, and they were a good company, they treated the workers awesome, and we did give good customer service. what I have read above sounds classic to any company, you are always going to find unhappiness between customer and client at any company.

and YES ocwens workers are ALL IN INDIA except for their main office in Florida, so dont believe all the lies you hear. You wanna know the truth of why Ocwen has a small call center in florida,well for starters because they need some reps that can speak spanish for one, and the other truth is because THEY GET SO SO MANY CUSTOMERS COMPLAINING ABOUT THE FACT THAT THEY CANT UNDERSTAND THE REPS IN INDIA.........

oh yeah, and to all you Homeq haters, the final truth, in the industry Ocwen is known for being #1 at foreclosing on your home! they will snatch it in a heartbeat


I paid by check, not a debt card.

I am not ***. Nor do I EVER have any overdrafts or NSFs. You don't know me or anything really about me, so to make such comments demonstrates your own ignorance.

Keep laughing. My situation is a *** of a lot better and life is wonderful. No matter what some outsider into my life thinks, the reality is everything is fixed. I couldn't ask for anything more. I have my home and my account is in good standing.


And they saw a problem and knowingly didnt call


Back to the *** thing........

"I kept noticing that the additional amount was still showing on bills. Due to horrible customer service in the past (and obvious mistellings) I didn't call. I suppose I should have - but hindsight is 20/20."


ScrewedNtx DIRECT QUOTE-"I bank with BoA. There is no such thing as an NSF, as they pay, and I get a penalty. Funny - that never happened."


First off they were #1 for giving these fees and are under investigation because of it, as of mid-late 2010 this is the new statment from your bank.........

Bank officials said that effective this summer, customers who try to make purchases with their debit cards without enough money in their checking accounts will simply be declined.


That means you wouldn't see it, if you overdraft by too much that did the same.

Sad when people use stupidity to make a point.


Well, Ocwen came to the rescue.

I had to submit to them a novel of documentation, but they did listen.

We are in a midst of attempting to understand why HomEq claimed I have an NSF on my account. This is simply impossible, as I bank with BoA. There is no such thing as an NSF, as they pay, and I get a penalty. Funny - that never happened.

Nonetheless, my home is OUT of foreclosure and I am back to being current on my account.

If you have been transfered to Ocwen, take full advantage of their assistance. They will do all they can to help - as long as you are willing to do a little homework and supply them with documentation.

In the long run, it was nothing to keep my home.

BTW - I talked to a rep at Ocwen, they aren't overseas. That was a lie most likely told by a disgruntled HomEq former employee.


these band of thieves went out of business with $8,800 of my money. They also tried to charge me over $3,000 in homeowners insurance even after i proved i had it.

they also had over $3,000 of my escrow money and another $2,000 in a suspense fund. what now?

how about the FDIC??? larry


I don't believe all of the employees are overseas. I spoke to an American gentlemen just last week.

Now, I do not doubt that they are using a call center in India (this is common), but to say all of the employees are India is incorrect.

Actually, Ocwen was very helpful and is helping me to stop the foreclosure of my home. They understand the problem that HomEq caused with misapplying my payments (which I found out was not legal). When I called them, I waited no more than 2 minutes to speak to someone. With HomEq, I would sit on hold for 30 mins to an hour each time I called in. So, from that perspective, they seem better.

Only time will tell, and I am not willing to just "write" off this new company without some personal evidence that supports a reason to do so.


HomEq no longer exists, Ocwen purchased them and laid off the entire 902 people that worked at HomEq. They laid the entire workforce off because they outsource their work to foreign countries.

If HomEq couldn't help you, then there is no way Ocwen will be any better.

Keep calling them or you will loose your home for sure. All of there productions are in India.

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