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Quiero vender mi casa y desde el 2009 homeq no se comunica conmigo necesito un numero telefonico para hablar con ellos por favoren mi titulo aparece una hipoteca de ellos pero ellos no se comunicaron mas conmigo y cambiaron su numero de telefono y en el 2010 abrio otra compania con ese nombre pero no tiene nada que ver con mi prestamo estoy desesperada mi nombre es reina y mi num de telefono 7862340156 realmente estoy en una dificil situacion por favor necesito ayuda mi casa esta en miami fl ellos me hicieron el prestamo inicial de mi casa y en ocwen que fue a quien le vendieron los prestamos no aparece

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Poor customer service
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HomeQ - Prestamo desaparesido

esta compania en el 2005 me hizo un prestamo para comprar una casa y el 2009 dejo de contactarse conmigo y ahora mi casa tiene un liens y no puedo venderla quiero contactarme con ellos lo antes posible segun mi busqueda vendio a otra compania pero no encuentro mi prestamo y cada vez que se le hace un lien share a mi casa sale que tengo una deuda pero hace 9 anos que no intenta cobrarmela ni se quien la tiene esto es algo quee sta afectando por que yo y mi esposa nos enfermamos y estamos desabilitados estamos debiendo taxes de la propiedad y necesitamos venderla para pagar la deuda de taxes y no podemos necesitamos encontrar el prestamo para saber que hacer

Reason of review
Problems with payment
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HomeQ in South Carolina - What title to home.

i want the title to my home and the interest paid back to me because it was paid of years early and never got any taken off the pay off. I want my title to my home also.

Want to know why my title was not sent to me when the home was paid for and not got any of my interest back for paying of early. very upset and want to get this taken care of as soon as possible. thanks for you time and hope to hear back from you very soon.

Have a great day and looking forward to hearing from you. thanks

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title and interrest money back for paying of ealy
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HomeQ, now Ocwen increased escrow and sent you to foreclosure, then escrow surplus disappears!

You can file a complaint against the attorney with the State Bar association. The attorney bar prohibits this practice.

File a complaint!

Also, I had the same problem with my parents' house. They increased the escrow monthly payments from $300 to $1,200!! PER MONTH to sent my parents to foreclosure. Once in foreclosure, the money in the escrow surplus disappeared.

Whoever has this problem, please let me know. I want to file a formal complaint and a class action if possible. Ocwen bought this company and they are the same crooks.

Now they are doing the same with my parents again!!! But not this time babies....

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HomeQ in Atlanta, Georgia - Lost house

Our problem started with having a mortgage that didn't have taxes in the payment.we had two loans with them( mortgage broker doing) I not saying we were perfect,who would be after moving and still paying on another house but. We're coming through ,had paid a payment arrangement when the taxes were due. Homesq paid them and then raised my payments. I had just made the payment on the smaller loan and called to arrange payment for the primary loan.they wanted the full 2000 dollars ,wouldn't work out arrangement me ,told me we were paying to much on other bills. I called and changed what I could on cable, phone etc. to lower outgoing , not good enough for them and threatens to foreclose on 260,000 loan for 2000. Well that sent us into panic mode,filled for bankruptcy, what a mess, what we claimed (and we claimed more)and what they claimed didn't match,the bankruptcy lawyers said they would fix it.well they fixed it alright,6 mths into the bankruptcy ,Homeq took us back to court for the difference( by the way we had already paid what they had claimed)since we had claimed more we were advised to pay our original mortgage payment of 1500 ( combined) and they were expected the new amount with back escrow ( which we had claimed).Lawyers made a deal for us to pay an extra 500 a month to Homeq which took our payment to 2000 a month with 1400 a month to the courts.we could only do that once .we joist walked away from the house.i do know they sold the house to someone represented by there law firm.I would like to sue both law firm and Homeq.By the way we didn't,have a lot to claim for the bankruptcy.we claimed back taxes and 3 mortgage payments,our ford navigator and like 5000 in misc other payments,we did not have credit cards.

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HomeQ in Bath, New York - Would not settle so we could sell our home

We had got into a finacial bind and have made a choice to move out of state to find a stable job so we needed to sell our home so we decided to applied for short sale everything went good til we had the buyer ready to close, Then HomeQ being 2nd mortage decided they didn't want to accept the offer to settle the account. Now our home is in foreclosure and like most home's will sit and rot instead of having someone in there and enjoy it. So sad that these loan place doesn't really want to help the working class.

Bath, New York
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Homeq is bull..............................................

They sold my loan to and unknown mortgage company after tell me i owe them 6,000 back in payment then iould have to pay 2,000 a month, the the company that got it from them is renting it to renter assisting who looks they don't give a dam, I've been there since 1993 why ask me . To must to say just PISSED the f......of at me and them been three years can't past my home yet. So if you start with country wide like me ,they selling you out to run dig a hole.


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Pawleys Island, South Carolina, United States #825261

Lost my home & land in 2003. There should be a law against this kind of business.

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Homeq stole thousands from my family

Homeq stole thousands from me for interest and illegal fees. I paid them so much money to save my home and they treated me like dirt.

They harrassed my family and charged interest fees that where double the amount of my house note. How do I sue them for the money they owe me? They were bought out by Ocwen this year and changed their phone numbers. They also falsified payments to IRS that I paid them.

I want all that reads this to know that you are not alone and that they steal.

Please help me sue them. They are evil.


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I need my documents they never sent finals and i need to prove that we took out equity to pay off bills

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Homeq dispute

Do you have a old Homeq Loan Motgage in default, short sale, negative information on your credit report?

Your credit report showing the negative info can be removed!

Dispute it, Homeq is out of business and noone has their old files to check your dispute and the three credit companies can not verify your information and it will be removed!!!!!

I had a short sale completely removed by all three credit agencies because HomeQ is gone and the new CO only bought the servicing NOT the old INFO. Dispute your info Today and it will be deleted within 48 hours!!!!




How would I go about disputing a foreclosure? Where do I start


I found out yesterday they went out of business so I thought MAYBE my records were lost. I woke up this morning with an email my foreclosure was DELETED!! Just found this post now I understand why it happened so fast :D


i am in this same situation. did you dispute this online and it was removed in two days? please let me know.

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HomeQ in Bourbonnais, Illinois - Bad customer service

one of the worst mortgage co. they transferred my loan to ocwen but have still not removed my name from their A/C.


in fact they have the whole amt due on their name as well as ocwen.

sure i don't owe two companies the same amount.

now thet don't even have a # to call or answer Q.


when we do a home loan we are not aware of the companies reputation, so i would suggest u do a detailed check before u sign.

i still wonder why the keep transferring the A/C from one co to another.

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Contact HomeQ Customer Service

Mailing Address:
HomEq Servicing
4837 Watt Avenue, Suite 200, Mail Code - CA3360
North Highlands, CA 95660
(877) 867-7378
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HomeQ in Magnolia, Texas - Info needed

i just need some one to call me so i can get some info on a old payed off account this is my second letter to you i hope some one can help me there i just need info and who to call at the old HomEq mortgage company please call me at 281 728 2527 ask for Bobby or e mail me i will pay for this info if needed thanks

Robert A Coons ok i need tax info the IRS 1098 form mortgage interest statement i need to show long time residents for my property tax on my land see the property is not in my name yet if there is any way that any one can help please can you a gain

Robert a coons 281 728 2527 ask for Bobby




I love it! Excellent article.

I also can share my experience in filling forms. Just look at the service 1098 e form.

Its pretty easy to use. I think you can get a free trial if you ask for it.


Good to know. Thanks for the info, super helpful. BTW, there is an online service through which you can fill out a 2014 IRS 1098, the fillable blank is here form 1098 int.


Ocwen bought homeq, fired all homeq employees and sent the loans to india. Needless to say, homeq no longer exists.

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