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Im glad to hear that im not the only one dealing with a bunch of idiots. I also have several documents supporting huge money mistakes with them.

I fought last year to keep my home of fifteen years at their mistake and could not get anyone to listen. They paid the wrong taxes on my property and tried to charge me for them, I even sent proof to the supervisor and finally got the foreclosure law firm three days before sale to listen. I received a letter of apology and they would correct this with the credit bureas(which by the way was never done.) Guess What??? Im five days away from sale again, loan was sold to Wells Fargo and know one knows whats going on and cant get anyone to listen so I took off work for three days to clean my stuff out and im done.

Im to tired to keep fighting. THEY WIN



To Mimi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, How dare you!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am willing to bet on my life you are one that fattened your pockets on this one to!

KARMA BABY KARMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You people remind of a Bush rearing thier ugly heads(((((Devils)))))))))))))!!!!!!!!! I am another that just about threw the towel in but I want to thank you cause it's people with your attitude that keeps me from doing it!!!!!!!!


I guess you should have made your payments


Guess what you got your way thousands out of a job to oversize

HomeQ in Murray, Kentucky - Crooks from the Underworld

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Homeq was not my original company. I was sold to them them and like a slave I have been to them.

Now I am being sold to another company...Wells Fargo..I cannot talk to anyone until after September 1. I pay all my accounts online...I do not use snail mail. This situation is strange. Will someone tell me why the change...My mortage payments will end in 2013 and I am being sold out to Wells Fargo.

They said everything will remain the same... I will believe this when I see it in writing...with God's fingerprint.

Monetary Loss: $22000.



Let me get this straight. Through the normal course of loan servicing your loans servicing will be transferred from HomEq to Wells Fargo on 8/31/10.

This happens every day in servicing and has nothing to do with you. You were provided a hello/good-bye letter with full contact information for both Wells and HomEq and never told anything about not contacting anyone until 9/1/10. Yet you use this sniper shot blog to express vague and uneducated frustration for unsuspecting readers out there to latch onto like aimless sheep when you use inflamatory terms like "slave" which is a brutal term. So now the industry standard combination hello/good-bye letter composed jointly by both old and servicer to inform you well in advance of your change is no longer a sufficient servicing transfer document to you.

No, you believe loan transfers are to be written in the bible. Maybe you further expect your cable bill to be hand delivered on parchment paper from Moses too?

The first persons comment on 8/21 was right on but far too kind. Get a dictionary and an education before you try to write in the real world.


There is nothing strange about it, this has happened with my mortgage as well. Yes things will stay the same and this is common in the mortgage industry so all you need to worry about is making your mortgage payment with Wells Fargo.


Wow you really should not throw that word around it's offensive to some and NO customer is a slave. Why don't you educate yourself regarding mortgage service transfers and hopefully you will have a grasp on what's happening.


Not resolved


I thought that the major retailer were bad. It took hours to just talk to a person.

One that didn't happen to have the info that I am a authorized user on her account. When I wanted to speak to a manager I got send to his voice mail. Well, I found out when calling customer service once you are in the Q press 1 then 3 then 1 then 5 to speak to a rep. For what they are worth.

I hope this helps some others stumbling in the Q trying to talk to a person! I wouldn't do business w/ these $%^&* unless I had to.



Ocwen operates in INDIA! So good luck with that. It will be fun speaking to reps who read from a script and have not a clue as to how REAL customer service is provided!


Well then, this is your lucky day, isn't it. Soon you won't HAVE to do business with this company because they have been sold to Ocwen.

Check them out. And...good luck to you.

Truth about Homeq Mods

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The real truth about Homeq modifications.

In order for them to even considered you to be eligible for a modification your loan has to be classified as high risk. That is three or more months behind on your payments. Don't bother asking if you are one to two months behind. This is true with all mortgage servicer.

If you are over ninety days behind you need to call in and request for a loan mod. If you don't, they won't bother with anything you send in because they have thousands of mods that are pre-qualified to deal with. Make sure to have your financial income and a payment ready. The first thing they will do when you ask them for a mod is interview you by going over your financials. Then they are going to ask if you have a payment ready. The payment is to extend the foreclosure date, which was sent to you after you are 45 days past due and contained information on who owns your loan, and buy you time some time from the foreclosure starting date. Homeq had negotiated with your investors to extent your foreclosure date by making just one payment. Your income will be based on your year to date net and gross income. The calculation they use is YTD divided by the previous month and current week of the pay through date of your most current check. If you are self employed prepare a profit and lost statement. Then they will go over your expenses. Don't lie here because they will check your credit history if you are pre-qualified. This will caused you to be deny by the under writer when he/she review your mod. Best way to do this is to prepare a budget before calling them. Once done they submit your financial statement into a mod calculator to see if you meet the guidelines.

Now, there are two mods that they will try to qualify you for. The first is the government sponsored hamp program. The goal of this mod is to reduced your monthly mortgage payment with taxes, insurance, and association fees to 31% of your gross income. The first thing they do is lower your interest rate to a max of 2%. If you are still over 31% then they will defer your principal up to 20% or 30%. If you are still above 31% then you are denied. Next step then is the in-house mod. This one is a little different by not by much. For the in-house, your mortgage payments needs the be the reason you are behind on your payments. This requires you have the following: interest rate hikes, death of a spouse, lost of income, or out of work but receiving unemployment for more than 9 months. Being behind because you are helping a family member will not get you a mod. If your mortgage is under 20% of your net income you will not get a mod. If you are out of work and have no income you will not get a mod. If you are over 5 months you are probably not going to get a mod. If you are pre-qualify and you don't make any payments you are probably going to be deny. They will help you but not make your payments for you or do anything to let the loan fall farther into delinquency. If approved for any mod you have 90 to complete the mod or it will be denied. You need to show proof if any income you claim and you have 30 days if a document is requested or it will be denied. You should go to the official government modification program website at www.hmpadmin.com before you call for a mod. You will find out early if you are qualified or not by using the calculation tools there If your loan is owned by a foreign bank, they usual don't participate in the hamp program. Once all the requested documents are received and verified, your loan is submitted to the mod calculator again to see if you are still eligible. This is where it's going to make or break you. If you hadn't been making any payments during the modification process and your loan becomes 5 or more month past due, you may had just wasted 3 or 4 months for nothing because you are probably going to be denied. Once denied you need to show a significant change in income or expenses before they review your account for another mod. Always remember that mods are like privileges. Your servicers don't have to do anything at all. You signed a legal binding contract that was recorded stamped, and filed and there is no lawyer, governor, judge or anyone can do anything about it

On a side note, Homeq had been bought out by Ocwen whom operates in India, so by November, your calls will be routed to India lol!!! Here's a little inside tip. If you get someone from India, tell them you want to speak to someone in the United States. They will transfer you. Good luck chucks. Hope this answered most of your questions and concerns.



I received a modification whilst I was current with my loan with HomEq. I had contactd them 5 months prior and asked about getting a mod and they told me no .. BUT then the company decided to pay my tax bills for 2 years total, and not notify me. I was getting ready to pay my previous tax bill in Nov of 09 and then I got a notice that HomEq paid that bill and the upcoming next tax years bill., and then added an escros account to my mortgage without notifying me - THEN gave me ea new pymt amount $785 higher than contracted AND only gave me 30 days notice to start paying the new mortg pymt amount. I called and told them they either give me a modification OR I was giving them my house. I began the process, comtinued to make my regular payments on time and 45 days later I had a new mortgage payment to include my new escrow and I was paying $15 less then my original payment prior to my escrow. They WILL set you up with a modification [legally every single fed insured mortgage co in the US MUST offer you the application] whether or not you qualify is another story.

MY problem now is getting my tax statements for last year from HomEq.. Has anyone else gotten theirs??


Lost in PA...



Dumb lies

HomeQ in Little Rock, Arkansas - HomeEq took insurance money (escrow) & gave to crooked contractor after I warned them about him!

Not resolved

HomEq took my money in escrow and gave it to a crooked contractor who didn't do any work at all. Every time I call HomeEq they give me the run around.

I faxed them (they claim they didn't receive them, yet I have copies) and warned them about him. They will not send an adjuster to see what he didn't do. They say they do not even have to send any documentation, "it's their right". I've dedicated my blog http://jamesvaughn.ebloggy.com and started a new forum http://whoenforcesthelaw.proboards.com to put an end to HomEq's b.s.

I have an attorney who is equally as mad, and may consider a MASS LAWSUIT against HomEq, if enough are interested. Come join me! I don't even have a bedroom roof/ceiling and 3/4 of my living room is gone.

I have lived like this since May 8th, 2009! I am disabled, and HomEq could care less.



Jimmy! - Homeq was just sold from Barclays to Ocwen.

They are a mortgage servicer, except with a lower rating than Homeq, and 90% of their employees are in India.

That's right, in a few months, all your Homeq calls will be routed to Ocwen in India.

Good luck - maybe try being honest and/or get educated a little. Homeq is not the contractor, they are not the ones screwing you - we have these little things called laws and rules that companies have to go by.

Good luck with the roof.


Yes, I have contacted the local media with no results. Even a very reputable contractor wanting to fix the house reported it to the media, again no results.

HomEq has released all funds to the crooked contractor. They tried to get me to file "another" insurance claim, which they *tried* to trick me, the initial claim was May 9th, a day after the 2009 storm, plus they already paid the cheating contractor who forged the first check, which I proved and have the police report that I faxed HomEq!

After that, the checks went straight to the crooked contractor, without my name even on them! This HomEq needs shut down, period...


Mr. Vee,

This really angers me...

Have you contacted the news media?

Best of luck to you.

HomeQ in South Bend, Indiana - Taking Our Home Of 25 Years+


After 8 months of tying to get a home mod and all the paper work,w2s all that.we find out today being FRIDAY 7th that our home will be auctioned off THURS THE 13. Of-course if we can come up with 4,500 dollars by MONDAY the 10th and 1,100 and some dollars a month around 75 dollars less then before we could keep our home.

the reason we applied was because of less income. After all these months of telling us everything looks good.Now they tell us WE MAKE TO LITTLE MONEY to keep our home.

this company is a joke. I feel sorry for all of us that has to deal with these people.

Don't know what to do?



@HUM, and John Smith,

You obviously former employees of HOMEQ. Well too bad...a word of advice,if you take everyone's home, you won't have a job.


They used their money to go to Disney land


I see both sides! I also have been going through a mod (w/ the help from an attorney) for over a year.

I have done everything that was required of me. The reason for the mod was that I, like thousands was laid off. It took almost 6 months to find a job and when I did it was for much lower pay. I communicated with my mortgage company and tried working things out.

They made it so difficult and wanted so much money up front, I couldn't handle it. Now we were close to the end of the mod and they transferred our servicer. We have a court date October 14th and now we're starting over with a whole new company. I am in no way trying to get out of the mortgage that I took out.

It is my responsibility and I will pay it if it takes the rest of my life. I do however expect the mortgage company to help out a little.

I have a family, I have other debtors and I am an honest, hard working person.

I'm not looking for any freebee's just a little mercy! With the condition of the country and all who are going through this, by not helping the consumer out a little, it's only spiraling us further into an abyss.


I don't get it! You took out a loan and now can't pay.

It's just like buying a car..you don't pay then they repo it! How bout taking some responsibility for yourself!!! Mortgage company's are NOT required to give you house for almost nothing..you signed the documents to pay the loan. I bet if someone owed you a large sum of money you would not like.

So deal with it. You live there for free for many months and they should of took your home way before they did.


if you dont have money? how can you keep a home = is not free you know.

loan mods can help by 100-300 not cut the mortgage in half ot not at all??

if you didnt pay your home for 8 months? what were you doing w/was supposed to be mortgage payment .... people are weird - they want everything trown at them for free ???!!!!


pay your bills on time

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Homeq owned by wachovia? Took all retirement for downpayment


They took almost 200,000 for down payment then I asked for a modification based on the same info. given to them for my original loan. Just no is all I got. I needed the modification because of illness. I would have been able to stay in my home if they had given me a modification.

Now I am alone in the world and soon I will be living on the streets. I have worked all my life as did my husband.We were considered upper middle class only because we worked very hard.

I am 50yrs old and my life is over. Can anyone Help Me? I am so very scared. There is nothing available to me not housing or welfare, medical ,food stamps or SSI.

I have my daughter and her ex-*** boyfriend. I suffer abuse from him constantly now, after I gave them a home to live in. I cry every day but there seems to be no hope no hope at all. Surely there is help somewhere?

Monetary Loss: $200.

I advise anyone with homeq to get out now


I have been trying since Aug. 2007 for modification.

As of today with faxing refaxing the same papers I don't qualify. I call every other day to see if papers where received and was told yes we have everything we need for review. Allow 20 days for review. I call back speak to another rep.

they don't have everything. I had to submit another new package again to be told I don't qualify because of my income which was why I applied the first time. I am ready to just walk away just to get out this loan with homeq.

It doesn't seem much of gov. bailout if the banks are getting money plus incentives but not helping the consumers.



The bottom line is you cant afford your house.Get over it and find a rental that you can afford. No one is obligated to give you a hand-out!

I bought a great home that was well within my budget;therefore, I get to keep my home. The problem with people is that they had to spend well beyond what they should and racked up credit cards and debt they had no business doing.

No one should feel sorry for you, TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY! It's people like you who contributed to this economy.


I live in VA are there any legal suits file against this co. Please contact me and all other home owners so they can fill just what we consumers are going through. Lets put this company homeq in foreclosure


you dont choose who your servicer is - it all depends on credit scores when YOU obtained your home loan!


never walk away!!! sell sell sell if possible

regarding mods- be 2 least 2 months behind, but anything over than that puts you at risk.

make sure when docs are submitted account# are provided and they are the most current docs (as they expire after a certain time)

if you are one day behind your account-just like anything else-will be delinquent (read your loan documents) so look over the rude as they are collectors. ask your questions and move on and wait.


Don't feel alone, I have sent several faxes, they don't have any of them. I have copies and the receipt.

Every single time I call them they are impolite, and call me everything but a liar--when I have the factual documents in front of me.

THEY LIE. Look at my post, see the shape my house is in, because of their ignorance.

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Homeq gave me the run around (jokers)


homeq is not trying to help anyone that they feel are weak

one of their rep told me that i probably should n be a home owner after

i had fallin behind on my payments because they are not willing to

help you.i had to tell the young lady who was in her late twenties

early thirties that i had been a home owner since i was married at

eighteen and was now forty-eight longer than she was born you should know what happened next she put me in the time out chair she said she would not

talk to me until i calmed down what a joke these people are and ever say their not im not mad at you but that was how i was treated



For the commenter below, where do you come from. YOUR comment proves you must work for HOMEQ.

That kind of sacrasm is exactly the poor attitude from the service reps I have encountered at HOMEQ. What do they train you guys to be nasty, or just hire those from the bottom of life's barrel?


who puts blame to a representative instead of himself... who is behind on the house payment again???

Homeq does not tell the truth!

Not resolved

Homeq said that they had all the paperwork completed to make a decision concerning a modification on my loan...they told my they would get back to me ASAP with final decision...I received a letter today informing me that they do not have all the paperwork..therefor, they will not do a modification on my loan....All the work I did to comply with Homeq servicing was nothing more than an exercise in futility!!!!! I was not late on any payments and my interest rate is 9% per annum---I believe this rate is to high----I guess thay want the home back so they can suck another poor sucker in to their financial web......

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