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I thought that the major retailer were bad. It took hours to just talk to a person.

One that didn't happen to have the info that I am a authorized user on her account. When I wanted to speak to a manager I got send to his voice mail. Well, I found out when calling customer service once you are in the Q press 1 then 3 then 1 then 5 to speak to a rep. For what they are worth.

I hope this helps some others stumbling in the Q trying to talk to a person! I wouldn't do business w/ these $%^&* unless I had to.

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Ocwen operates in INDIA! So good luck with that. It will be fun speaking to reps who read from a script and have not a clue as to how REAL customer service is provided!


Well then, this is your lucky day, isn't it. Soon you won't HAVE to do business with this company because they have been sold to Ocwen.

Check them out. And...good luck to you.

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