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I don't know where to begin. Home Eq Servicing is the worst of the worst.

They did not follow their own policies and claim they did. Don't use this company!

Imagine an arsonist burns your house down, gets caught, and takes no responsibility. That is a parallel to what happened to me and could happen to you if circumstances in your life put you in a bankruptcy/foreclosure situation with this company.

If you have a mortgage with this company run, don't walk away. There could be no worse company. Find another lender now!


Titusville Florida

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They did the same thing to me. they changed the locks while i was at work, emptied the house and and then stated that the house was abandoned.

all lies. to date have not received or know the whereabouts of mine and my children's belongings. The threats and and harassing phone calls was more than anyone could tolerate.

During that time i feared for my life and was completely stressed out. I ended up in the hospital because of them.

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